Having a good relationship with your florist, with lots of trust, is very important. When you consider that you usually do not get to see the final product until the big day, having confidence in the person’s abilities is crucial. Below are a few tips to help create a better client-florist relationship.

The first thing you should do is establish a budget for your flowers. How much money are you able to spend on this element of your wedding? When you meet potential florists, let them know your budget so that they can make suggestions based on this amount. An experienced floral designer will work with your budget to create arrangements that will match your style or theme without breaking the bank.

Do some research before you meet your florist. Flip through wedding magazines, search floral websites and wedding blogs to get an idea of what you like. Try to establish your style. Do you prefer classic bouquets, exotic ones, or perhaps modern ones? Think of your color palette as well. Of course, your florist can guide you through the selection process. But you will have a more efficient consultation if you have a general idea of what you like. Your florist can then make suggestions based on your preliminary research.

If you are meeting more than one florist and want to compare prices, make sure that you are comparing the exact same bouquet. You should consider the number of blooms, foliage to be used, accessories, etc. A bridal bouquet may have 20 blooms for one florist while another one only uses 16. Be careful not to choose your florist based on price alone. Of course, your budget should be followed, but it is important that you feel confident that the person you choose to work with will be able to bring your vision to life.
Try to envision an overall look for your bouquet and arrangements rather than focus on a specific flower. This will help prevent disappointment if the flower you had your heart set on is not in season. However, with growers all around the world, there is always a very wide selection available to florists all year round. Just remember to be flexible. Your florist will do everything possible to create bouquets you will love.
Finally, do not be afraid of communicating with your florist. If you do not tell your florist that you hate a particular flower, they may inadvertently include it in your bouquets. Be sure that you are both on the same page and that everything is crystal clear. You will then be able to relax and move on to another portion of your wedding planning.